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Finally the Borsa is an invaluable opportunity for networking, particularly at the dinners and cocktail parties that form the end of the day. One leading country is always invited to be the host country and they lay on a particularly big exhibition, sponsor a dinner featuring the cuisine of their country, and display dancing troupes from their country.



There was a grand dinner, hosted in 2012  by the lead exhibitor, Armenia


Everyone met up with their friends and indeed made new friends







Azerbaijan dancers 4010

The host country sometimes brings along a troupe of dancers. Here in 2014 we saw Cossack dancers from Azerbaijan in full swing,









Editors 0471

Here, from left to right, Holger Kieburg, editor of Antike Welt, Germany; Claudia Valentino, editor of Archaeology magazine, America; Andrew Selkirk, Editor of Current Archaeology, Britain, Charlotte Felix, editor of the Dossier d’archeologie, France.

Editors 074  red

Editors, 2014: Front left, Claire Hauser-Pultz (Switxerland), Holger Kieburg (Germany) and Andreas Steiner (Italy). Behind: Josep Borrell (Spain), and AS

The editors of all the leading magazines in Europe, and indeed in America are invited to the Borsa each year and it provides an invaluable opportunity for the editors to get together, meet each other and swap ideas and articles.







The editors use the Borsa as an opportunity to seek out articles and it is an invaluable opportunity for those who wish to promote their sites to have them written up in the leading archaeological magazines.








The travel agents attended in force. This Swedish travel agent was busy arranging holidays for her clients in the north of Sweden who needs to come south every year to feel the sun












Archaeologists have a get-together. Left, an archaeologist from Albania studying Roman mosaics; Ursula Lang and her friend from Aquincum, which is Roman Budapest; and an archaeologist from Serbia








Eventually dancing began, and even some of the archaeologists took to the dance floor




Ursula joins in with enthusiasm.












Eventually we were all exhausted, and it was time to say farewell to the singer who had made the evening so successful


I have been attending the Borsa for a number of years  now. It is always  stimulating and exciting, and it provides a wonderful opportunity to see the  treasures of Paestum – and to visit Pompeii and some of the other sites afterwards!




Thank you to Ugo and Rossella  for arranging it all!







22nd November 2014

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