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Paestum basilica 777

The Basilica at Paestum

Ugo in Basilica899

Ugo Picarelli, the director of the Borsa, introduces a session in the Basilica.

A highlight of the Borsa is the number of lectures, discussions and debates which take place in simultaneous sessions. The most important take place in the Basilica, the 5th century AD church that is one of the hidden treasures of Paestum, or  in  the adjacent Museum











The sessions range from the technical presentations such as ‘Present your own audio guide in 30 minutes’; through the more political sessions such as a ‘Pompeii: yesterday, today and tomorrow’, when General Giovanni Nistri, the Italian army general who has been brought in to bring military discipline as Director of the new grand projects of Pompeii, was grilled by archaeologists and journalists as to whether military discipline really would bring results; down to a discussion on Italian archaeologists overseas and the work of foreign archaeologists in Italy.

Lecture in Museum 415

Lecture in progress in the Museum



There is simultaneous translation arranged from English into Italian, and Italian into English for many of the lectures, so that Italian speakers can be made available to the English speaking world, and those who wish to talk in English can have their talks made available to the mainly Italian audience.




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22nd November 2014

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