Exhibition Halls


Inside dome 062

Inside the exhibition hall, 2014.

The main feature of the Borsa is the exhibition when stalls are taken by the various aspects of archaeo-tourism to display their wares.









The booth for the India Tourist Office, 2012 (We had a long talk with the Director, seen here, who told us all about tourism in India, as a result of which we went to India the following year – though with an English tour company – see our trip at www.indiatrip.org.uk.)

Here you can find displays from countries, towns and individual sites displaying their attractions and facilities, and hoping that travel agents will bring their parties to visit their attractions. Universities display their courses, and societies and organisations display their facilities.





Entrance to fair

The Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs took a booth in 2012.


Government organisations also present their work in preserving the archaeological heritage.

The exhibition halls – in 2014 accommodated in three huge domes – are always a lively and fascinating showcase for the archaeologies of the world.



One of the most important parts of the Fair is the “Workshop”. This is the time when the travel agents, the “buyers” meet up with the hoteliers and other suppliers who can provide the basis for holidays. Here a German travel agent (note flag) is busy signing up a block of rooms from a hotelier. This is where the real business of the Fair is done!






On to the Lectures and Discussions


22nd  November 2014



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