The  Borsa

Modern Paestum is best known as being the home of the ‘Borsa’: ‘Borsa;’ normally means stock exchange, but here the Borsa – properly the Borsa Mediterranea del Turismo Archaeologico is a fair for archaeological tourism.

Three domes 2014 765

The Borsa, 2014

The Borsa, which has been held every year since 1997, brings together all those who seek to present archaeology to a wider public: the travel agents, the towns and cities that form destinations, the governmental and inter-governmental bodies such as UNESCO which seek to promote archaeo-tourism, as well as Re-enactors, the computer specialists in virtual reality, and the editors of archaeological magazines.

For many years it was held in a hotel and conference centre in the nearby town of Carpaccio, four miles from the archaeological site of Paestum. But since 2013 it has been held on site at Paestum itself. The main exhibition has been held in temporary exhibition halls erected on site on the flat ground to the north of the Temple to Athena, taking great care not to disturb in any way the underlying remains, while the main lectures have been held in the central hall of the museum, and in the adjacent basilica, and the fifth century church which has survived nearly intact and is one of the hidden treasures of Paestum.

We look here at the various aspects of the Borsa: the exhibition halls, the lectures in the museum and the basilica, the virtual archaeology displays, the assembled archaeological lectures and last but not least, the dinners and other events which make it such a valuable event for networking.

The Borsa is the organised and masterminded by Cavalieri Ugo Piccarelli and his partner Rossella Cerrone. Ugo Picarelli is one of the leading citizens of Salerno, and he  seeks to promote Salerno and its province as one of the great cultural centres of Italy. It is the support of the town and the province of Salerno which make the Borsa possible.



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