The Greek temples at Paestum


Where can you see three Greek temples, all on the same site?

The answer is at Paestum, in southern Italy. Paestum – the Greeks called it Poseidonia –  lies some 50 miles south of Naples and here there are three Greek temples in a remarkable state of preservation, with much of the central area of the classical town laid out between them.

Here we reveal the secrets of the Temples and the town that is laid out, together with some of the recent excavations of the townhouses.

There is also a fine museum from which we show some of the finest treasures, including some of the unique Neolithic material

Paestum is also the site of the Archaeo-tourism Fair that takes place every year in November.  This is the foremost fair in Europe where travel agents can meet up with hoteliers and those wishing to offer them their facilities, and is also a splendid place to find out where to go for holidays with an archaeological or cultural historical bent.

There is also a session when the editors of all the archaeological magazines in Europe and indeed in America are invited to come together and tell us about the way they produce their magazines in their country.

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On to the Temples

Andrew Selkirk